Divorce and Child Custody

We can help you gather proof for your divorce and/or child custody case including:

– Proving infidelity
– Asset search
– Proving child abuse or neglect
– Proving a parent is ‘unfit’
– False accusations of neglect or abuse
– Sole legal custody

Did you know that Facebook is quickly becoming one of the top ways people are having an affair?  “80% of cases now involve evidence that was pulled off of Facebook.”*  “Your overall history and whereabouts are just a click away, even if the content on Facebook is deleted, it can later be retrieved.  A friend “tags” a compromising photo of you drinking beer at a party or vacationing when you claim you have not time to see your children or dispute allegations of infidelity.  Posts that refer to high end purchases when you claim unemployment and money issues.  Posts about your whereabouts that conflict with business trips or child visitation matters.  Posts that suggest infidelity or deception, such as Facebook status change to “single, but looking”.”^

Facebook adultery trend rising as people find long, lost flings (May, 2012) www.wjla.com/articles/2012/05/facebook-adultery-trend-rising-as-people-find-long-lost-flings-76049.html

What May Be Found on Facebook (n.d.) family.findlaw.com/divorce/facebook-divorce.html

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