Corporate Espionage

Corporate Espionage is becoming more and more common with the technology that is available today. “Theft of trade secrets is estimated to be around $100 billion and growing.  Information being gathered ranges from scams, credit card fraud, blackmail, extortion, or just plain malice against the company and/or employees.”^

“There are two types of hackers/spies-Outsiders and Insiders.  Insiders are employees: executives, IT personnel, contractors (programmers, network penetrator or computer auditors), engineers, janitors who have legitimate reasons to access facilities, data, computer, or networks.  Employees commit 85% of corporate espionage.  They have immediate access to enormous amounts of valuable information and can misuse their privileges to plant a Trojan, copy information, or to taint research data.  The reason they “sell out” are: lack of loyalty, disgruntled, boredom, mischievousness, blackmail, and money.”^

“Outsiders are spies, attackers, or hackers who enter from outside a company.  Outsiders can enter from the Internet, dial-up lines, physical break-ins, or from partner (vendor, customer, or re-seller) networks that are linked to another company’s network.”^

“50,000 business or companies are perceived to be victims of cyber-attack daily, and the rate has been estimated to be doubling every year.”*

^ Sans Institute (2003)

*  How to Protect Your Business from Industrial Espionage (n.d)

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