Computer Forensics & E-Discovery

Elite Investigations, LLC is licensed by the Texas Private Security Bureau. Our licensed computer forensic specialists have worked with local law enforcement, federal agencies, university police departments and others. With the help of Elite Investigations, Lubbock County secured its first indictment on trade secret theft through the use of computer forensic evidence. Elite provides private and corporate services including data acquisition, data recovery and evidence gathering.

Most people believe that if they want to hide something all they have to do is delete it from the computer. Far more information is retained on a computer than most people believe. Elite can search and find deleted information that can only be accessed using specialized computer forensic software and forensic expertise.

We provide advanced computer forensic solutions for hard drive
collection, preservation and forensic analysis. We also conduct cell phone forensics.

Our electronic discovery services include deep analysis of hidden files, recovery of deleted data and evidence processing. Data of all types can serve as evidence in a variety of cases. These can include e-mail, text, images, databases, web sites, and audio files. E-mail exchanges can be very valuable in litigation. Most people are less careful in e-mail exchanges than in hard copy correspondence.

We can assist you with a variety of corporate issues:
– Inappropriate computer use by employees including e-mail, web site history, pornography and more.
– Theft of company data
– Covert monitoring of employee computers
– Lost password recovery
– Discovery of hidden and deleted e-mails, images, web site usage
– Permanent deletion of sensitive business data stored on hard drives
– Trademark/Copyright Infringement
– Embezzlement
– Sexual Harassment
– Fraud
– Analysis of company computers to determine employee activity

Corporate Espionage

Texting and Driving


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